Leading fabricators chose Steward Steel as a sub-fabricator on projects that require extremely fast-track scheduling, advanced technical skill, and superb quality. 

In an ever-changing construction market, having a partner to help you navigate fluctuating shop hour output demand for steel fabrication is imperative. Whether you need specialty fabrication or added capacity, you can count on Steward Steel as your go-to partner for sub-fabrication.


Experience, Capacity, and Agility

With over seven decades of serving all aspects of the construction and steel fabrication industries, we have a deep knowledge of what it takes to deliver a successful project. Our team has diverse experience in construction, structural engineering, project management, and fabrication.  

In today’s construction market, schedule swings can affect your shop hour scheduling immensely.  Steward Steel has been helping other fabricators meet the toughest of schedules for decades and sub-fabrication has become a key component of our business model.  With our central location, in-house trucking, close proximity to steel mills and specialized structural steel warehouses, and our large inventory of structural steel and warehoused materials, we have what it takes to assist other fabricators.  Steward provides the highest level of fabrication, so you can rest assured your project will be in good hands.  We have the staff, facilities, and equipment to perform and we do this with completely transparent, open and honest communication.  Give us a call; we are here to help keep your great reputation and relationship with owners, general contractors and other customers in excellent standing.  


Meeting and Exceeding the Highest Standards in Sub-Fabrication

You and your customers hold your work to the highest standards. It only makes sense that you select a sub-fabrication partner that is known for meeting and exceeding the demands of the toughest projects. On every project, we expect our team to surpass the industry standards in safety, quality, and production.


Seamless Integration

We understand the complexity of the fabrication industry. Our goal is to make working with us as simple as possible. We leverage popular fabrication software such as Fabsuite, Bluebeam, AutoCAD, and Tekla Structures to interface with your operation easily. Our experienced estimators, engineers, and project managers work alongside your team to manage each step of the sub-fabrication process. Our convenient location between two of the nation's leading steel mills allows our sub-fabrication customers to economize on shipping. We can even deliver directly to your job site, saving you additional inbound and outbound transportation costs.

Select Steward Steel as Your Partner for Success

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