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Proudly serving the aluminum industry for over 50 years!

Our primary aluminum smelter customers know the confidence gained by placing an order for collector bars with Steward Steel.  We combine our extensive knowledge working with aluminum smelters with expertise in fabrication. This synergy gives us the capabilities of making any size or shape steel components that our customers need. 


Collector Bars for Aluminum Smelters 

Our fully automated production facilities allow us to scale up or down to service both large and small aluminum producers. You can always rest assured your final product will meet specifications and conform to the configuration necessary for a complete electrical connection.  All collector bars produced by Steward Steel are:

  • Saw cut to specified length
  • Straightened to the tightest tolerance
  • Machined and drilled for bolted buss connection
  • Welded for those with welded transition
  • Furnished plain if no connection preparation is required
  • Shot blasted to a near white finish if required

With over forty-five years of experience in producing quality collector bars, Steward Steel’s customer base stretches all across the globe and collectively utilizes eleven different collector bar configurations.  Steward Steel has an entire plant dedicated to collector bar production.  In that plant, our experienced production staff understands the needs of Steward Steel’s aluminum customers and prides itself on not only producing the highest quality collector bars but also in completing orders in compliance with a Fast Track Schedule.


Full Line of Products for Aluminum Smelters

We offer a comprehensive range of fabrication for the aluminum industry. Our bar fabrication capabilities include the following:

  • Collector Bars
  • Replacement Stubs
  • Potshells
  • Crust Breaker Beams
  • Deck Plates
  • Side Shields
  • Anode Pallets
  • Seals, Shields, Clamps
  • Support Stands
  • Pot Repair Patches 
  • Other fabrications for aluminum industry and any industrial application where steel is used

In addition to our production capabilities, we have a warehouse containing thousands of shapes and sizes of steel, aluminum, stainless and other metals. Our aluminum smelter customers can pull from our on-site inventory of structural steel onsite averaging 3,000 tons. This allow us to quickly service orders and fulfill just-in-time scheduling.

Steward Steel’s capabilities may surprise you, but our existing primary aluminum smelting customers are not surprised.  Let us give you the same level of confidence.   

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