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Our design assist process is based on delivering the highest level of collaboration and transparency across the project team.

Technology-Led Quality

In decades past, “measure twice and cut once” was how fabricators limited risk. Creating the sophisticated buildings of today and tomorrow requires the ability to not only to measure before cutting but to model the exact fit of each structural steel member of the entire project. Steward Steel’s design assist program allows us to completely model a project in 3D to check for any issues that could impact quality, schedule or cost before fabrication begins.  Steward Steel can also provide our model to general contractors for coordinating our steel package with other trades, such as MEP to avoid clashes and potential change orders once all trades are working onsite. 

Our design assist process is based on delivering the highest level of collaboration and transparency across the project team. When contractors, engineers, architects, and Steward’s fabrication team can visualize the design from beginning to end, it reduces both uncertainty and costly surprises. Our detailers use 3D modeling on each project, check for clashes, and understand the impact of changes to the design. Steward Steel uses Tekla Structures in house for reviewing the 3D model, erection drawings and shop drawings.  With the popularity and superior functionality, the Tekla system provides, we are easily able to share with customers a detailed 3 dimensional simulation of the building, down to individual bolt holes. This level of intricacy allows us to not only virtually measure the project’s components, but also check for fit multiple times before the first steel member is cut.


Key Benefits of Our Design Assist Process

  • Adds greater flexibility to the design and fabrication process.
  • Reduces the need for costly changes during the fabrication or construction process.
  • Detects clashes and eliminates possible defects in real time.
  • Offers insight into any issues that may delay scheduling or create additional cost.
  • Provides an avenue of communication and promotes engagement from all stakeholders.
  • Improves overall project quality.

Collaboration and transparency are the goals of Steward Steel’s design assist approach. The software is a tremendous help in starting the conversation, but our team members and the relationships they build with our customers are the greatest factors for a project's success. Steward Steel team members are passionate about contributing their experience in construction and steel fabrication to guide the process. We strive to work alongside each customer, answering any questions, design-related or not, in a timely, concise, and accurate fashion. Our team is always available throughout the project and even after all the steel has been erected onsite to make sure the highest quality is delivered.

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