Structural Steel Fabrication

Steward Steel is known for flawless, timely structural steel fabrication, even on the most complex projects. 

To ensure your project is of the highest quality, we start with a collaborative approach. From the beginning of each project, we work alongside our customers to understand their specifications, design intent, end user requirements, and any other factors requiring special attention. 

We combine experienced engineers with 3D model drafting software to produce an accurate steel frame model, erection drawings, and shop drawings. We use the latest CNC fabrication machinery and highly skilled fitters/welders/fabricators to ensure the steel is fabricated exactly as required.  We have a wide array of material handling equipment to handle any size, shape, and weight.  All of our tools ensure each member is produced quickly, safely and defect-free. We carefully test and inspect each component produced to ensure it meets or exceeds specifications when it arrives at the job site.


Located in the middle of the country, Steward Steel’s 25-acre production site with a 200,000+ square-foot covered production space conveniently services the United States.  We also have shipped steel to South America, India, and Africa. We can send our quality fabricated steel anywhere in the world. Over 125,000 square feet of our facility is under crane indoors, and we have another 36,000 square feet under crane outdoors. We have a state of the art, 80’ x 420’, temperature controlled paint building that receives clean steel via roller bed after exiting our 8 Wheel Grit Blaster, with two 20 ton bridge cranes with a 35’ hook height and overhead doors for direct indoor loading of 8 semi-trailers. Steward Steel has the room to get steel fabricated and loaded as quickly and efficiently as possible. With our cranes, roller beds, transfer tables, trucks and fleet of forklifts, we can handle it all.  We have the capacity to produce 30,000+ tons of fabricated structural steel per year, via our capacity to work 2,700+ shop hours per week for contractors, building owners, erectors, and other steel fabricators. 
In addition to our production space, we have a 30,000-square foot heated warehouse stocked with thousands of different varieties of steel, aluminum, stainless steel, rebar and other metal products available for next day delivery.  We typically have around 4,000 tons of raw structural steel in our yard as well, to make sure we can meet the tightest of deadlines.



 We are capable meeting the requirements of even the most complex projects. Our capabilities include:

  • 3D Modeling, connection design, shop drawings, erection drawings, and complete submittal packages
  • Turnkey steel package to furnish and install of structural steel, trusses, miscellaneous steel, joists, and deck 
  • Three AWS Certified Welding Inspectors
  • All of our welders are AWS Certified
  • In-house Ultra Sonic Flaw Detection Weld Testing
  • Third-party weld testing
  • Indoor facility for blasting, coating, and specialized/complex painting
  • Tekla Structures, SDS2, FabSuite, AutoCAD, Bluebeam, and Barcoding to manage our operations which provide us with the ability to provide accurate information quickly and accurately 
  • Sophisticated reporting on every piece of your project and meticulous documentation allowing for a highly-organized production
  • Extensive experience in Fast-Track Projects (When you need a project done quickly, call Steward, we can help you meet the tightest of schedules!)
  • Highly-trained staff, experience, and advanced knowledge to provide Design Assist
  • Steel made from approximately 98% recycled material, making it an extremely “Green” building material.  Assistance with LEED Certification and documentation. Our proximity to major steel mills can raise the LEED Rating in certain instances via regional credits.

At Steward Steel, we strive not only to be your first choice in steel fabrication. We collaborate closely with the design teams, general contractors, and owners to help bring a project from its initial concept to a final design on design-build projects.  We will work with you every step of the way to provide budgeting, schedule input, mill rolling schedules, updates on material pricing/potential fluctuations, value engineering, and final pricing.  This attention to detail allows us to keep your design-build project will have accurate pricing and scheduling keeping it within budget and delivered on time.


Investment in Excellence

Steward Steel delivers excellence, and that starts with having the right people equipped with the right tools. We have three American Welding Society (AWS) Certified Welding Inspectors (CWI’s) on staff, and all of our welders are AWS certified. We also provide additional training for our staff to stay current with the latest innovations in steel fabrication and other items, such as welding aluminum and stainless steel.  We are proud of our shop and happily invite any general contractors, owners, and other fabricators to visit, just give us a call to schedule a tour.
We continuously invest in upgrading our equipment, systems, and technology. Here are some of the tools we use to help our team of experts excels:

  • 3D Modeled Shop Drawings all Programmed Into Our CNC Equipment
  • Peddinghaus DG1250 Double Miter Band Saw & PCD1100 Three Spindle Drill Line
  • Peddinghaus HSFDB 2500 B Plasma, Oxy, Drill Plate Processor
  • Prodevco Robotic Plasma Cutter
  • CNC Vertical & Horizontal Band Saws
  • CNC Cold Saws
  • Peddinghaus AFPS-643/Q Angle Line
  • Controlled Automation BTD-8X Plasma, Oxy & Drill Plate Burning Table
  • CNC Burny 4 Torch Oxy/Acetylene Burn Table
  • Peddinghaus FPD-1120 Plate Duplicator
  • Controlled Automation BFC-530 Punch Line
  • CNC Press Brakes
  • CNC Beamlines
  • CNC Turret Lathe
  • CNC Folding Machine
  • CNC Turret Punch
  • Two Cambering Machines, One In Line with Beam Line
  • Duplex Milling Machines
  • Plate Shears
  • Rolling Machines
  • Threading Machines
  • Radial Arm Drills
  • Magnetic Drilling Machines
  • Spot Welding, Stud Welding, Dual Wire Feed Welders, Extensive Welding Equipment
  • Plasma Torches, Oxy/Acetylene Torches, Rail Torches, Extensive Torch Equipment
  • Hydraulic Presses, Hydraulic Straighteners, Ironworkers
  • 10' x 5' Capacity 8 Wheel Grit Blaster 
  • Indoor, temperature controlled painting and loading 80' x 420' bay
  • Up to 40 ton overhead crane capacity, 20 overhead cranes on site total
  • Fleet of forklifts, trucks, and trailers for material handling and deliveries

Industries Supported

Our customers have a diverse range of projects spanning a wide range of industries including commercial construction, industrial construction, municipal and institutional construction, and sub-fabrication / working with other fabricators as a team effort. 


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